3 upmarket designs for outstanding apartments

Designers have "private plots" of the world's leading high-end furniture for owners of the super luxury apartment The Platinum of the Sun Marina Town twin towers.

Located from floors 34 to 41 of Sun Marina Town, apartments of The Platinum line are handed over fully furnished in 3 flexible styles. According to the owner's representative, The Platinum customers can enjoy their luxury apartments and experience their own privileges. In addition, real estate developer Sun Property (a member of Sun Group) has cooperated with the world's leading design consulting firm Aedas and furniture company AA Coporation to bring three luxurious interior models for customers to enjoy. exclusively for apartment owners.

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Rustic Luxury  – exquisite luxury

In many standards to judge the luxury standard of construction, the elegance of the interior shows the thoughtfulness and understanding of the manufacturer to each homeowner. Instead of deciding on the available items, each table, chair, TV shelf ... is "tailored" according to the size of each house. High-class materials such as marble are cleverly arranged to pair with metal, wood, rattan ... Forming an architectural drawing of the living room in harmony with the space of the sea and sky.

The sophistication of the bedroom design in the Rustic Luxury style is reflected in the gentle, neutral colors such as beige, white, milk gently interwoven with metallic or wood motifs. Besides, some decorative products are produced manually such as lamps, carpets, etc. will enhance the value of the apartment. "No matter where in the apartment, the owner feels the class of luxury life by the yacht bay", the representative of the investor shared.

Cozy Luxury – warm luxury

Assuming the Rustic Luxury style focuses on the balance and pairing between colors and materials, in the Cozy Luxury style, the golden ratio divides the spaces, the lines on the walls and ceilings, and the details. The small details of each appliance are focused by prominent architectural designers.

As the "fire-keeping" space of the apartment, the system of kitchen tables, kitchen islands, cabinets, shelves are arranged with just the necessary breaks but still bring a cozy and luxurious feeling. In particular, instead of splendid and ostentatious chandeliers, Aedas's architects have put in the kitchen an elegant lighting system with golden downlights, creating a close romance.

Mordern Luxury  – modern luxury

True to the name Mordern Luxury, the interior of this styled house uses bright colors and colorful checkered motifs. With only slight modifications in the lighting and interior lines, the architects Aedas have transformed the kitchen into the owner's own 'stage'.

Assuming that in the past, wealth was presented with a few massive jade statues, gilded buildings or pompous dragon and phoenix motifs, now the wealthy have decided on the style of maximum savings, Focusing on materials and luxurious aesthetics, caring for every comfortable corner.

According to the representative of the project owner, three interior styles with three different personalities, but all have the same message, honoring the luxury and right value for each owner. At the Platinum, Rustic Luxury - elegant luxury, Cozy - heartwarming luxury or Mordern Luxury - ultra-modern luxury all take people's feelings to be the capital, breaking philosophy.

Now, with the super-rich class, a vip-class real estate product with a location with many advantages, luxurious amenities, and the right solution is not enough. The luxurious interior style is one of the many things that cannot be missed. ' elite owners are willing to spend millions of dollars to personalize many things around them, in order to strengthen their position in the elite. At The Platinum, each item is carefully taken care of, meeting all the strictest requirements,' the representative of the project owner reported.

With a height of more than 100m compared to sea level, The Platinum has its own, beautiful view encapsulated in the eyes of consumers as 1, 969 large and small islands and flashy tourist bays. Owners of The Platinum can use their own elevator chain that is staged from the basement to the floor of the house.

In this October, consumers can create The Platinum owner with an initial capital of only 10% of the house value and receive a loan package promotion up to 70% of the house value, with a grace period of not more than 10% of the home's value. 36 months of the project owner.

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