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Vietnam Report coded (coding) articles about businesses posted on influential newspapers in Vietnam from January 2018 to January 2019. A total of 987 articles, corresponding to 1,827 coding units (coding units) are evaluated at the story level of 24 specific operational aspects of companies from products, business results. business, market ... to the activities and reputation of the company's leaders. The information selected for coding is based on two basic principles: The company name appears immediately on the title of the article, or the company news is mentioned at least 5 lines in the article. This is called the cognitive threshold - when information is assessed as having analytical value. The information is assessed at the levels: 0: Neutral; 1: Positive; 2: Quite aggressive; 3: Not clear; 4: Quite negative; 5: Negative. However, statistically, the research team gave 3 ranks for the final assessment, including: Neutral (including 0 and 3), positive (1 and 2), and negative (4 and 5).

The statements in the announcement are for general purposes and for reference to businesses and partners; It is not personal and does not serve the purpose or needs of any particular investor. Therefore, stakeholders should carefully consider the appropriateness of the above information before using it to make an investment decision and take full responsibility for the use of such information.

Research method of media analysis to assess the reputation of companies based on the Agenda Setting theory on the influence and impact of media on the community and society by 2 professors Maxwell McCombs and Donald L Shaw was officially announced in 1968, realized and applied by Vietnam Report and its partners. Accordingly, Vietnam Report used the Branch Coding method (evaluating the image of the company on the media) to analyze the reputation of businesses operating in the real estate industry in Vietnam.

This is an independent research result of Vietnam Report, built on scientific and objective principles. The reputation of companies is assessed based on research on the impact of financial factors, corporate image on the media and reviews of industry experts, specifically: (1) Competence finance shown on the most recent financial report (total assets, total revenue, profit, efficiency of capital use…); (2) Media reputation is assessed by Media Coding - encoding the company's articles on influential media channels; (3) Survey industry experts; Survey about residents living and working in big cities: Hanoi, Da Nang and TP. Ho Chi Minh City on the level of satisfaction with real estate products / services. In addition, the enterprise survey on the operation situation, the number of projects, project handover progress ... in 2018 - 2019 are also used as an additional factor to determine the position of the business in the industry. .

2018 continues to be considered a favorable year for real estate in Vietnam, driven by the following factors: (i) GDP per capita growth; (ii) Increasing production and tourism boom; (iii) Development of mid-range condominium: affordable price, good liquidity; (iv) Increasing demand for real estate investment of foreign investors; (v) Lower mortgage interest rates; (vi) The rapid development of coastal cities.

However, 2018 also witnessed many events that make real estate investors and business wary. The movement of foreign investors into Vietnam and the need to find land funds to invest in real estate (especially real estate in industrial zones) increases the level of competition with enterprises in Vietnam. water, shown most clearly through the land fever and industrial land happening in the city. Ho Chi Minh City, Long An, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Da Nang and the economic zones of Bac Van Phong, Van Don, Phu Quoc. At the same time, local authorities and line ministries have been stepping up the review of the use of public land funds and competition for land allocation in large projects, making project legal issues become more difficult. should be more difficult. Many problems arising after the project was completed such as the progress of issuing the ownership certificate, setting up a management board, private general disputes, maintenance fund, security and safety ... also caused headaches for owners. invest. According to the representatives of investors participating in the survey of Vietnam Report, the issue of administrative procedures and legal documents is the biggest obstacle for businesses when implementing and operating the project.

For businesses investing and trading in real estate, when the market is forecasted to grow "slightly", it is time to focus on building brand and reputation instead of investing in expanding market share. According to a recent survey of real estate customers of Vietnam Report, more than 90% of customers believe that "investor reputation" is the most influential factor in their home buying decisions. me.

In fact, the media plays a particularly important role in the reputation of real estate developers, because of any business moves, from M&A deals, to upcoming projects. or problems with residents in buildings, apartments ... are reported by the media at a rapid speed spread through the internet and especially social networks. Media analysis results in 2018 - 2019 of Vietnam Report show that major investors such as Vingroup / Vinhomes, Novaland are the two names with the most appearance, with dense information coverage on newspapers. have influence. However, in terms of the "safe" level of information (the ratio of positive and negative news in the total encrypted information of the enterprise), Sungroup is a little better.

This shows that, in order to communicate effectively and preserve the corporate image and reputation, businesses need to carefully choose information before publishing it. With the regular feature of using media as a means to promote products, the most mentioned topic in the media of real estate enterprises in the past year was Product (accounting for 24.7% of total information. information is encrypted), while the subject groups on Human Resources, Social Responsibility / Sponsorship ... are not much mentioned, the general intangibility significantly reduces the diversity of the corporate image in the public eye. copper.

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