Coming soon to The Sapphire Mansions beach villa

QUANG NINH 47 villas are inspired by classical European style combined with modern architecture, inheriting a series of location advantages, overlooking Ha Long Bay.

Located in prime locations, beach villas are always appreciated for bringing a sublime life, full of emotions to homeowners, showing the class and prestige of each owner. It is worth mentioning, beach villas never decrease in value because of the increasing demand while the supply is limited.

Therefore, owning an expensive villa on the sea is not only a trend but also a "play" showing the class of the elite. In Vietnam, along the S-shaped strip of land with poetic beaches such as Ha Long, Nha Trang, Da Nang, Phu Quoc... rare sea villas are always in the sights of giants with great value. up to millions of dollars. Many people consider this a "must have" brand in the real estate collection of the rich.

Meeting the demand for an upmarket living space, by Ha Long Bay, this October, DOJI Land is preparing to launch a limited edition collection of The Sapphire Mansions - "Eyes of Dawn" with 47 luxury villas. the sea in the center of Ha Long.

Perspective of The Sapphire Mansions villa on the most beautiful coastal road in Ha Long.

The Sapphire Mansions is located in a beautiful location where you can enjoy Halong Bay with a wide view. According to the investor, the project is receiving great attention from customers because of its prime location in the core area of ​​​​the city and on the most beautiful investment road in Ha Long.

The design of The Sapphire Mansions is inspired by Western classical style combined with modern architecture that is elegant, luxurious but liberal and trendy. Here, the owner can create his own upmarket living space when in front of the blue sea, outside the window are green gardens.

A project corner.

In addition, the owners of the mansion will enjoy top-notch amenities and privileges such as 24/7 4-layer security; 24/7 intelligent control operation center; utility complex at clubhouse; Free wifi in the area...

"After the time of social distancing due to Covid-19, the rich tend to look to high-end projects to get privacy. They prefer living space in the middle of nature, away from the crowd." representative of the investor shared.

Ha Long Bay. Photo: Worldnomads

Since being recognized by UNESCO as a world natural heritage in 1994, Ha Long has now become a prominent destination around the world. According to the Department of Tourism, in 2018, the revenue from tourism reached 24,000 billion VND (equivalent to about 1.03 billion USD). In 2019 alone, Ha Long welcomed 14 million tourists with a growth rate of 20% in visitor numbers.

Besides, the outstanding development of transport infrastructure makes Ha Long easily accessible from Hanoi, Hai Phong, Hai Duong and big cities. This condition helps Ha Long real estate market as well as The Sapphire Mansions project to increase its attractiveness to customers.

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