Investment opportunity to settle in Ireland from the nursing home project

With the launch of its fifth nursing home project in Dublin, Bartra Wealth Advisors provides the market with an additional 20 investment positions in Ireland.

CSO data released for 2021 shows that 14.8% of the Irish population is over the age of 65, a 17.9% increase from five years ago. This trend is expected to continue to increase over the next decade. By 2026, it is expected that the number of people over 65 will increase by 16% to 860,600, and increase to 33% or more than 1.1 million by 2036. Ireland's population of over 80 is also expected to grow from 170,000 people in 2020 will more than double to 343,000 people in 2036.

With the trend of population aging, the demand for nursing home infrastructure in Ireland is analyzed by research organizations as high, up to 7,500 beds by 2026.

Understanding the growing demand for aged care services in Ireland, Bartra Group has a strategy to build a chain of nursing homes in key locations of Dublin.

The group currently provides 823 beds in nursing home projects. In particular, the Loughshinny Institute completed construction and opened in the summer of 2019 with an increasing number of residents. Bartra's Northwood and Beaumont Institute projects, which opened in May and October respectively, have also welcomed residents.

In 2021, Batra completed land purchase, construction bond purchase, and bidding and planning for the Clondalkin project. The project is currently under construction with 24/7 surveillance cameras to ensure safety and progress of project completion.

Beaumont - Bartra's largest nursing home project has been completed and opened, under the IIP Immigrant Investor program. Photo: Bartra.

After three years of developing and operating four nursing home projects, Bartra announced the fifth project, Cookstown - with an area of ​​1.14 hectares and a scale of 5 floors, supplying the market with 131 nursing beds.

The new biracial institution is located in a prime location in South Dublin, 850m from Tallaght Hospital, 8km from St James's Hospital and 10km west of Dublin city centre. It will take residents about 2 minutes to walk to Belgard LUAS train station. It is also one of the four administrative areas of Greater Dublin with a population of 280,000, including more than 30,800 people aged 65 and over (accounting for 11%).

The Greater Dublin area is in high demand for nursing home services, and is also the largest payer of the National Treatment Payments Fund (NTPF), Ireland's national agency responsible for paying. services for nursing homes. With an estimated total investment of €33 million, the Cookstown nursing home will be equipped with comfortable, high-end equipment that meets the high quality standards set by the Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA).

Nursing home projects after completion, will be operated by Bartra Healthcare to effectively manage the investment, generate profits for investors, and at the same time ensure the provision of high-quality care services for the elderly. residents at all times.

Bartra Healthcare's highly skilled and experienced care team is creating a culture of quality care in its facilities, ensuring a high standard of care based on people's privacy needs. privacy, the right to make decisions and choices, the right to respect, as well as compassion and reciprocity.

Video interview with Mr. Declan Carlyle - CEO of Bartra Healthcare, former CFO at Beaumonth Hospital talking about the factors that bring about excellent quality in the service of Bartra nursing home. Source: Bartra .

Investment opportunities in Ireland for Vietnamese investors

The global launch event of Bartra's Cookstown Nursing Home project on October 15 will open up investment opportunities to settle in Ireland with 20 limited investment positions.

Bartra Group's Cookstown Nursing Home Project. Photo: Bartra

20 million euros is expected to be funded through the Irish Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) into the Cookstown Nursing Home project. With this form, non-EU investors, when investing 1 million euros in Bartra's Cookstown project, will be able to obtain residency rights for themselves and their families without going through the interview process, language proficiency test like immigration investment programs in the US, Canada or other European countries...

According to representatives of Bartra, the investment of 1 million euros will be returned after 5 years, along with a profit of 20%. In addition, the processing time of the Irish Immigration Service from the time the investor registers is 4-6 months. After receiving the letter of acceptance, the new investor must transfer the investment money to the project.

Bartra's nursing home projects attract international investors in general and Vietnam in particular, because they provide safe investment solutions and bring many benefits to investors and their families.

This is a bright spot in the context that the number of IIP seats is in a state of scarcity due to the high demand in recent times. More than a billion euros of capital has been invested by the rich outside Europe's borders in exchange for the opportunity to live and settle in Ireland over the past 9 years. Especially, the segment of investment in businesses has not cooled down because of the high success rate. More than 60% of applicants choose this form of investment.

In addition, the Irish Government's Nursing Home Support Policy, also known as the "Fair Deal Policy", stipulates that each nursing home bed will be entitled to a weekly subsidy from the Government (the standard allowance set by the National Pension Fund). Support for Nationally Determined Treatment Costs). Therefore, investing in Nursing Home projects is safe and unaffected by market fluctuations.

Besides, the project is also highly appreciated for the safety and reputation of the business. The nursing home projects that investors invest in are built and operated by member companies of Bartra - an enterprise with experience in developing many modern nursing homes of the island nation of Ireland.

Bartra's nursing home projects are all located in the heart of Dublin's city center - an area with high demand, easy access and close to major hospitals. Construction projects are transparent and easily accessible; Quick completion and ensure timely handover. The construction site is equipped with 24/7 surveillance cameras. In addition, the facilities of the projects meet current and future standards published and managed by the Irish Health Service Authority (HIQA).

With the business model of the Ireland IIP investment package, Bartra Wealth Advisors - a subsidiary of Bartra Group, helps investors to be assured that their investment capital as well as their family's future are safe and secure during this period. investment segment.

Bartra Wealth Advisors is an Irish IIP investment project provider with an official office located in Ho Chi Minh City, without the need to go through intermediaries, helping to minimize time, effort and risk for investors. the investors. Bartra Wealth Advisors has successfully helped over 350 Irish immigrant IIP investors, accounting for 69% of the total market filings. With the above advantages, experts predict that the process of calling for investment for these 20 positions will soon be completed by the end of this year.

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