Place the gate of the house so that it is right feng shui to attract fortune and luck

The main gate is the face of the house. Building a gate not only needs to be beautiful, but it should be right feng shui to attract fortune and luck to the owner.

Does the gate of the house open or open in the right feng shui?
Since ancient times, house gates are often designed in the style of two openings to create balance and harmony for the entrance as well as the overall house. However, not all families pay attention to whether the gate opens or opens. This is a small thing but plays an important role in feng shui.

According to the concept of feng shui, the  gate of the house should open  to the outside. The reason is that opening to the outside will help attract better luck, more luck and fortune to the house, the owner's business is also smooth sailing, the family is warm and happy. The gate of the house opening inward will cause chaos in the family and loss of money.

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However, the current reality is that the land area is small, especially for houses in the city, the gate cannot be opened to the outside but must be opened inward to suit. To solve this problem, feng shui experts suggest homeowners make the gate as a horizontal sliding door or attach a mirror on the wall so that the gate space is expanded, reducing the disaster. This is also a reason why many families hang small mirrors or large mirrors in front of the door.

Some other notes when building a house gate
Gate direction
According to feng shui, the best direction to build a house gate is South, Southeast or East. If the gate is designed to be large, the room should be built behind the gate. This helps to limit outsiders from observing everything in the house.

Port size

The gate of the house needs to be designed in such a way that it is balanced and consistent with the overall look of the house. The gate is too big or too small both affect the aesthetics. On the other hand, according to feng shui, a gate that is too wide will create conditions for bad air to enter, and too narrow will not catch good air.

In addition, the gate of the house should be square and neat. Do not choose arched or concave gates, this means that the family's fame and fortune will go down.

The gate of the house should not be arched. Although this type of gate looks quite beautiful, it reminds people of a tombstone, contrasting with the door of the house. Building this type of gate makes the family prone to bad luck.

The gate of the house must not be built higher than the house
The gate of the house is too large, better built than the house will cause loss of aesthetics. Besides, according to folklore, the type of gate will cause loss of money, the homeowner will do as long as the money is consumed.

Build a house gate opposite the toilet
The gate of the house is the place to welcome the vitality of heaven and earth, while the WC is a place full of unclean air, heavy negative air. Therefore, the gate of the house facing the toilet will cause the vitality to enter the house to rush into the unclean air, completely bad for the house feng shui.

The gate of the house opposite the kitchen
In feng shui, the kitchen is considered the heart of the house, related to the strength and happiness of the family members. Building a house gate facing the kitchen (standing from the gate has the ability to look directly into the kitchen) will make fortune and leaves leak out.

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