Planning of Long Bien District locally adjusted to raise the elementary school floor

The adjustment of the Planning of Long Bien District in order to be suitable with the reality of land use management, as a legal basis for implementing the investment project to build a primary school to serve the learning needs of the Ngoc Lam ward area, Long Bien district.
Hanoi People's Committee issued Decision 4309/QD-UBND approving the local adjustment of the N10 urban subdivision planning in the planning box with symbol A.7/TH in Ngoc Lam ward, Long Bien district.

Specifically, the planning plot with symbol A.7/TH has an area of ​​about 0.36ha, limited as follows: The North borders the Gia Lam train apartment; The East borders alley 449 Ngoc Lam and the existing residential area; the South borders Ngoc Lam Street; The West borders Lane 447 Ngoc Lam.

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According to the urban zoning plan N10 approved by the City People's Committee, the planning plot with symbol A.7/TH is identified with the land use function as a primary school with the general architectural planning criteria: Area of ​​the plot. about 0.36ha of land, maximum construction density of 35%, maximum height of 3 floors. Now adjust the land for construction of primary school with an area of ​​about 0.21ha, maximum construction density of 60%; the maximum height of 6 floors; Land for housing group currently has an area of ​​about 0.15ha, construction density of 14 - 59%, maximum height of 5 floors.

The adjustment of the master plan must comply with the principle of maintaining the same position and function of land use; adjust the boundary scale, planning criteria of land plot architecture, without affecting the orientation of traffic and technical infrastructure according to the N10 subdivision planning. Ensure continuity, synchronous coupling of technical infrastructure, social infrastructure, architectural space and landscape in the adjusted area and surrounding area. Other contents are not subject to local adjustment, and remain the same according to the N10 urban subdivision planning and related plans.

The City People's Committee assigns the People's Committee of Long Bien District to assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with the Department of Planning and Architecture in, publicizing the adjusted planning so that relevant organizations, agencies and people know and approve the general plan drawing and the architectural plan of the primary school in the above-mentioned land plot according to its competence.

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