Standard Japanese lifestyle, multi-utility at The Sakura subdivision

The Sakura subdivision has both a sophisticated Japanese style and a typical utility chain of Vinhomes real estate developer.

Cooperation with the Japanese "big man"

At the end of September 2021, The Sakura subdivision located in the heart of the international city Vinhomes Smart City officially launched to the market. The project is highly appreciated by experts because it is a cooperation product between two leading real estate companies in Vietnam and Nhat You, aiming to create new living standards for residents.

Samty is a leading Japanese corporation with nearly 40 years of experience in business, real estate leasing, urban planning and development, and is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange. Meanwhile, Vinhomes is a pioneer real estate developer in Vietnam in the mid- and high-end segments with experience in construction, management and operation of 27 projects with 98,000 apartments, villas and townhouses, serving serving more than 280,000 residents across the country.

Standard Japanese lifestyle, multi-utility at The Sakura subdivision
According to Samty, Vinhomes Smart City has "scored" in the company's strategy of internationalizing the investment portfolio. Specifically, Vinhomes Smart City is located in the core area of ​​the new administrative and commercial center west of the capital. This is both an attractive factor for customers and investors, as well as a lever to help increase the value of real estate.

The attraction of Vinhomes Smart City also comes from the hyper-connected infrastructure of the Western area with arterial traffic routes such as Thang Long Boulevard, Ring Road 3, Le Trong Tan Street, etc., according to investors. From Japan, metro lines 5, 6, 7 embracing the project will be the trigger to activate the development of the whole area in the future.

Sakura subdivision creates a standard Japanese lifestyle

The Sakura is the only subdivision in Vinhomes Smart City that has the resonance of a landscape duo imbued with Japanese spirit, the leading scale Zenpark in Southeast Asia and the Phu Tang style internal park with total area 7.2 ha. The cooperation between Vinhomes and Samty brings residents an authentic, peaceful and relaxing resort living experience in the context of the Japanese standard wellness lifestyle and the trend of staycation. a vogue.

Zenpark 6.1 ha Japanese park recreates the natural landscape in accordance with the Japanese garden architectural language with the highlight of the majestic red wooden gate, 130 rhododendron trees, 5,000 lanterns park, and a full aquarium. vitality. Instead of going to faraway Japan, residents of The Sakura can visit this garden every day to experience a space full of meditation, peace and relaxation.

The 4-season swimming pool at The Sakura subdivision.

With a Japanese park of 1.1 hectares inside the area, The Sakura also creates a peaceful living quality right on the doorstep for residents. Whether relaxing in the White Crane Zen Garden, walking on the Kimono Silk Road, exploring the Hokkaido Valley, Wooden Bridge, Tsuki Moon Gate, Ashi Water Square or reading a book at the Tea Ceremony Garden... People can enjoy the most peaceful and relaxing moments.

Right in the area, residents can also experience the Sakura 4-season swimming pool with jacuzzi, sauna, high-class gym system, sports field, children's playground...

In addition, the residents of the subdivision also enjoy the great facilities of the international city. It is Central Park 10.2 hectares with a lake of 4.8 hectares, which is likened to the "green lung" and "giant air conditioning machine" of Vinhomes Smart City. This is where residents jog, cycle, breathe fresh air every night or kayak, organize picnics and gather for cozy BBQ parties on weekends without having to go far.

Next to it is Sportia Sports Park with a system of exercise machines with more than 1,000 functions, meeting the exercise and health training needs of residents of all ages. In addition, owning a home at The Sakura, residents can also experience the ecosystem of Vingroup including: Vinhomes - Vincom - Vinmec - Vinschool - VinBus.

On the occasion of the launch, Vinhomes has a preferential policy for future residents of The Sakura with a maximum loan of 80% of the apartment value, 0% interest rate until July 15, 2023, equivalent to the support period. up to 22 months. In addition, customers who buy a house at The Sakura will also receive a free offer of 5 years of management and service fees.

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