The basis for resort real estate to welcome the recovery wave

With the wide coverage of vaccines across the country, investors have access to investment methods to promptly "catch the bottom" of the gradually recovering market.

Vaccine - an opportunity for recovery in the last quarter of the year

In the process of partially opening up the economy with the criterion "wherever it is safe to open", Hanoi and a number of northern provinces, Ho Chi Minh City and a number of southern and central provinces have been officially approved. remove the distance, in parallel with the implementation of appropriate epidemic control measures. Life and activities of production, trade and tourism entered the "new normal" phase after the rapid implementation of a large-scale vaccination strategy. Vaccines really become the "salvage" for the global economy.

According to data from the National Immunization Portal, by noon on September 14, Vietnam had performed over 30.4 million Covid-19 vaccine injections. In this October, tens of millions of doses of Pfizer will arrive in Vietnam, promoting the second dose vaccination to 70% of the population over 18 years old. This is considered the "key" to allow businesses to be more confident when returning to business activities. Especially when the fourth quarter at the end of the year is always considered a "sprint" time for businesses, serving the high demand for consumption, trade and tourism across the country.

Cash flow trend

According to investors, the sweeping Covid-19 has left huge consequences, causing stagnation and disruption to the entire economy. To regulate the macro economy, the government has continuously implemented fiscal policies, injecting money and lowering interest rates to "support the economy".

"In the context of "cheap money", savings interest rates are no longer attractive, the world gold price fluctuates, people tend to withdraw money from banks and switch to investment channels with better liquidity such as: This situation is also easy to lead to asset bubbles due to hot speculative flows," said Hung, an investor.

However, according to the assessment of economic experts, this situation is only temporary because of the consequences of the prolonged period of isolation and the haste of retail investors. Experienced investors will have a more comprehensive and long-term vision. Most of them are loyal to real estate because this is always a safe haven and a sustainable profit, despite short-term fluctuations of economic cycles.

From the beginning of 2021 until now, the price of many construction materials has increased due to the impact of the epidemic, especially the price of steel. The market survey showed that the common ground of construction materials increased by about 25% compared to the beginning of the year; in which, the highest increase is iron, construction steel. Experts believe that this can set a new price level for real estate in the fourth quarter of 2021, causing the prices of real estate products to skyrocket.

In the post-Covid-19 period, investors expect the commercial and resort real estate segment to rebound strongly. "The long distance will stimulate demand for travel and tourism after 2 years of being suppressed. Although in the immediate future, moving between provinces cannot be done right away, but the demand for relaxation is gradually increasing. increased and is expected to become mutant in early 2022 after the second dose of the vaccine is completed by the end of this year," Hung said.

In addition, the policies to promote the economy, tourism and government services during the recovery period are the levers to "pull" resort demand to increase, creating a premise for the resort real estate market. "reheated" again. Domestic tourism is prioritized to recover, at a time when foreign tourism is still afraid and has not completely returned.

Safe investment channel

The resort commercial real estate market attracts the majority of investors who focus on safety and long-term profit growth. Therefore, projects in highly developed tourism areas such as Quang Ninh (North), Phu Quoc (South), Da Nang and Nha Trang (Central region) are always attractive in the eyes of investors.

The common features of the resorts at these places are all located in expensive locations, convenient for all regional trade, possessing a frontage stretching along a beautiful coastline to maximize the value. resort and business. In addition, the project with smart planning, safe legal and construction progress will certainly attract large investment cash flow.

Legally complete projects, smart planning and convenient golden locations for commerce have always become priority investment destinations (Photo:
Perspective of Vega City Nha Trang project.

In the new administrative center of Nha Trang, Vega City Nha Trang is one of the projects attracting investors thanks to its possession of the last 2km of beautiful fine sand coastline in the North of Nha Trang, the project façade stretching on Pham Van Dong sea route is the most expensive in the city.

According to the investor, starting from May 2020, the project has a rapid construction speed after completing the topping out of the last apartments after only 16 months of construction despite the difficulties caused by Covid-19.

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