The reason why Tropical Park is the most attractive 'tropical village' in South Phu Quoc

The Tropical Park subdivision owns the most parks in the Sun Tropical Village project - a tropical resort urban area built by Sun Property in South Phu Quoc.

The attraction of Tropical Park subdivision

On a scale of about 14 hectares, surrounded by forests adjacent to Bai Kem beach, "tropical village" - Sun Tropical Village is divided into 3 subdivisions: Tropical Wellness, Tropical Park and Tropical Valley, based on the distinct advantages of terrain and living space. In which, Tropical Park is a subdivision located near the main avenue leading to the Kem beach complex.

Tropical Park owns a large green space with 3 internal parks.

As the name suggests, Tropical Park - a tropical park, this is the subdivision that owns 3/4 of the internal parks of the whole project. From any street or villa at Tropical Park, residents can easily immerse themselves in the vast lawns of Botanica Park, explore the green space of Forest Creek Park or listen to the lively sounds from Natural springs at Water Fall Park. In particular, besides 3 internal parks, Tropical Park is also located next to Wellness Park Bai Kem with an area of ​​over 4 hectares, bringing wellness experiences.

Villas located adjacent to the park saw a sharp increase in bookings.

Representative of an official distribution floor of the Sun Tropical Village project shared, Tropical Park is the most attractive subdivision at the project today. Because Sun Tropical Village is the first resort urban project in the model of wellness second home (a second home serving health care), the first scale, class and professionalism that Sun Property (a member of Sun Group ) created in the South of the island. Accordingly, the villas that are located closer to the park such as Tropical Park, the more sought after.

"In the Tropical Park subdivision, the villas on Park 9 and Park 11 adjacent to the park recorded a sharp increase in bookings. When green living and healthy living are becoming the trend, customers want to find second homes. two peaceful moments under the tree, where you can both take care of your health and be directly connected with nature", this representative said.

The "race" to own a villa on Park 9, Park 11

Park 9 and Park 11 villas are considered the "heart" of the Tropical Park subdivision. The most attractive villas in this tropical village are surrounded by three layers of nature - garden - forest - sea. The owner only needs to step out to the balcony to capture the full view of the vivid tropical nature: the green space of the forest, the park, the sound of flowing water, the sound of birdsong, the artfully winding cubic stone paved streets. ... And just a few minutes away, owners of Park 9 and Park 11 villas can experience hundreds of high-class health care facilities at Wellness Center, or relax for a walk, experience "bathing" forest", touching the tropical forest right next to Wellness Bai Kem park.

Tropical Park brings the standard of "wellness living" lifestyle.

With a limited number, becoming the owner of villas on Park 9 and Park 11 has become a "race" for customers pursuing a wellness lifestyle. Mr. Minh Khoa, a businessman in Ho Chi Minh City, one of the first customers to successfully register for a single apartment on Park 9 street shared: "The pandemic has made me pay more attention to health. Not only a healthy lifestyle. It is also very important to have a green living space in the middle of nature.As soon as I made a successful booking, I was given a package of specialized customer care services. Upscale experience and comprehensive health care well being from the owner. investment up to 250 million. This care package will be a meaningful gift for the whole family to regenerate energy and balance life."

Minh Khoa also said that right after booking to own this villa, friends in the business world kept asking, and many people quickly registered because of the number of villas in the "heart" area of ​​Park 9 and Park. Park 11 has a limit.

Tropical Park subdivision becomes even more attractive with preferential policies for customers who register early. "For example, with a villa worth 22 billion, when all preferential conditions are satisfied such as no bank loans, 100% payment on the committed deadline, early interior finishing... only pay more than 18 billion. Nearly 4 billion is fully discounted enough for customers to choose to invest in another valuable asset, for example a high-end apartment. This is an effective investment financial problem. at this time," said a representative of a project distribution agent.

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