The situation of Vietnam's real estate market in the third quarter of 2021

On October 2, the Vietnam Association of Realtors (VARS) released a report on the situation of Vietnam's real estate market in the third quarter of 2021.

Announcing the context of our country's housing market in the third quarter of 2021, said that the total number of sales results on the national market reached 35, 852 results, the deal reached 16, 647 items, equivalent to an absorption rate of 40, 9%.

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As for the housing market, the vast majority of real estate development projects across the country have had to suspend construction and implementation because of the distancing order and disruption of the birthing system, supplementing raw materials and machinery.

Projects that are in the process of being equipped cannot be carried out because local management agencies must also actively prevent epidemics as a source of supply in the market, which has a deficit that cannot be overcome. .

Real estate buying and selling activities on the market are also affected because it is not possible to meet, exchange, and deliver... while real estate is a special commodity that has to go through many stages of testing. legal when the transaction occurs.

However, because the demand remained strong and the exchanges tried to find sales solutions in the new situation, although the market was heavily affected, the number of transactions could be said to be relatively low. good.

With the tourism - resort real estate market, although in the past time, resort real estate has been almost paralyzed because of social distancing. Many tourist facilities have no revenue. However, tourism and resort real estate development projects still show positive signs.

The number of items for sale on the market in the second quarter of the year reached 7, 206 results, the deal reached 2,280 results. Equivalent absorption rate 31.6%.

Several provinces/cities have recorded items for sale including: Quang Ninh, Thanh Hoa, Da Nang, Quang Nam province, Phu Yen, Khanh Hoa province, Binh Thuan province, Phu Quoc ... In which, Quang Ninh is home to optimal absorption rate.

With the real estate market for industrial use, at the present time, there are about 370 infrastructure structures still in operation with an area of ​​115, 200ha.

Although the third quarter of 2021 was hit hard by covid, almost all industrial clusters still maintain normal production. Except for a few localities/cities with a large number of cases and must be isolated according to directive 16.

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