Tourism restores expectations for resort real estate

Many localities have been planning to pilot reopening tourism. This is expected to be an opportunity for the recovery of the green economy as well as resort real estate.

The door of tourism is gradually reopening
Tourism restores expectations for resort real estate

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After a long time of freezing due to the impact of the covid-19 pandemic, many provinces and cities across the country have experimented with welcoming tourists. For example, Phu Quoc (Kien Giang) plans to experiment with welcoming Western guests within 6 months from October 2021.

Similarly, Ho Chi Minh City has also piloted the opening of the tourism industry in Can Gio district, when organizing a tour for more than 100 medical staff, the frontline force participating in the fight against the epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City. The People's Committee of Ba Ria - Vung Tau province has also recently allowed to pilot the "tourist bubble" model for 4 establishments, initially applied to domestic and international visitors staying in Vietnam.

Or in Khanh Hoa province, there is also a route to welcome visitors. Based on that, the province plans to carry out exploration activities within the province from October 15 and will make an exception to revive tourism discovery when the government approves the reception of western guests.

Besides, Khanh Hoa province also uses isolated coastal tourist areas to welcome domestic tourists. For example, the North Cam Ranh Peninsula Tourist Area (Bai Dai Tourist Area) currently has 12 active resort hotels that have registered to participate with more than 6,000 rooms and staff working in the Bai Dai area. Long has been covered with more than 80% vaccination.

Quang Nam Provincial People's Committee is also asking the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism for permission to welcome international visitors after Phu Quoc successfully piloted it. And the city. Da Nang, it is expected that from October 1, this locality will allow service establishments and resorts to organize normal operations again...

Resort Real Estate Expectations
According to some industry experts, the opening of famous tourist destinations in Vietnam as soon as the epidemic is under control, as well as the trend of investors in the resort hotel segment during this period. This time is inevitable. This is not only good news for the tourism and aviation industries, but also a positive signal of the whole economy that will soon recover after a period of stagnation.

Mr. Mauro Gasparotti, Director of Savills Hotels, assessed that Phu Quoc's piloting to welcome tourists is an encouraging step for the tourism industry and hopes that this program will be implemented cautiously in many localities. in order to get closer to opening up tourism activities nationwide at an appropriate time.

“Preparing a roadmap to reopen the border is necessary, so that Vietnam can soon seize the opportunity to restore international tourism activities. The number of visitors proposed in the early stages is still a small fraction of Phu Quoc's room supply and this pilot program may only help bring in guests to certain resorts," he said. Mauro Gasparotti said.

At a recent seminar, Mr. Tran Dao Duc, Deputy General Director of CEO Group also said that this is a new policy, businesses in Phu Quoc as well as businesses working in the field of tourism - service. The service is very hopeful that this pilot will create an important turning point in the current period, after businesses were almost frozen during the recent epidemic.

“Information about piloting international arrivals as well as expanding the application of green cards for domestic guests is of great interest and appreciation, and we look forward to the day we bring this policy to life,” said Mr. Ethics shared.

This business leader also added that, during the time affected by the epidemic, the business still maintains a number of employees to ensure the minimum operations of the hotel. At the same time, staff training, maintenance, repair and upgrade of existing service facilities are carried out to be ready to serve tourists as soon as the tourism industry is reopened.

Unifying the view, Mr. Cao Huu Phi, manager of Copihome business, said that resuming operations will create capital flows for small businesses and project owners to re-invest in resort real estate. that does not directly make the models attractive in this category.

The attractiveness of resort real estate in our country still lies in the stage of operation and filling capacity through rental discovery. This will also give confidence to investors, project owners, funds and beyond, the institutions that control global activity, which are eager and eager to pour money into the market. This is full of opportunities for growth.

When the tourism sector has the right to return to work, real estate , which is obviously the tourism category, will become a related industry, benefiting first and foremost, he said.

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